The kennels

The accommodation for our guests is quite outstanding and , designed to keep our clients in a stress free environment.

We have 3 kennel blocks, one of 8, one of 5 and ,one of 10. None of the blocks face each other this allows for a very relaxed atmosphere for our clients.

The kennels are brick construction, with full height divisions, that are fully tiled, that keeps our guests feeling safe.

Individual accommodation with heated sleeping quarter of various generous sizes, all with access to natural daylight.

Each sleeping quarter has an attached covered 'day ' area.

The majority of our kennels also have a further expansive roofed exercise run for the sole use of that guest, these also have tiled floors.

Our layout is designed to cater either for the more timid or aged guest requiring peace or the typical family pet who wants more room to investigate.

Most of our accommodation is also suitable for 'family sharing'.


Every guest enjoys a draft free raised bed in their sleeping quarters. Plastic beds, fleece liners and vet bed provided.

We are happy to use your own bedding if you would prefer but do not accept duvets or beanbags as we are unable to wash these to the standard we require. By all means leave us an unwashed T- shirt or jumper as this is often used a comforter.



We aim to continue the same diet and meal times that our guests would normally enjoy at home. This provides a familiar routine, reducing stress and tummy upsets. Veterinary diets or other special foods should be provided by customers. Bed time treats are given with your permission.

Medication / Health

All guests receive a daily health check which is noted on their daily care sheet.
We are happy to administer veterinary recommended medication in powder or tablet form.
However we regret that we are unable to accept guests who require injected medication.
All guests are insured whilst in our care, should any exceptional matter arise that require treatment over and above our standard insurance levels we will action it and any expense will be added to the final bill.


Exercise & Play

On arrival all guests are given a lead walk prior to introducing them to their new accommodation.
All Guests enjoy one-to-one lead walks or free running within our secure paddocks and woodland up to 4 times per day.



Ensure that your dog is up to date with their annual vaccinations and has also been vaccinated for kennel cough. A valid vaccination certificate must be presented on arrival.
Please remember that some kennel cough vaccines are effective only for 6 months.
Booster vaccinations and kennel cough vaccines must be dated at least two weeks prior to your dog's stay with us.

Book your dogs stay with us as soon as possible, holiday periods can be filled very quickly and we do not like to disappoint our regular guests, we reserve the right to charge a deposit against the final fee for first time guests.

Request a trial night, If your pet has not stayed with us before please let him/her stay for a night prior to booking a longer stay. This enables us and your dog to get to know each other and enables your dog to become familiar with our facilities.

Bring an unwashed T-shirt or jumper or other familiar item with your dog if you wish.

Write your dog's name on any food or medication with clear instructions for use.

Have your dog wearing a good fitting collar.

Drop off and pick up during our opening hours.

Please also remember that for the comfort and health of your own dog and that of our other guests, that your dog is wormed and protected against fleas on a regular basis.