Quite simply we love dogs, we have always had a house full of our own and have had years of fun with them be it in the show ring, although we no longer show, and now in the world of Field Trial dogs, where Trevor enjoys training them for competition. We must point out that despite our own dogs are trained for competition they are pets first and all live with us in our home.

In 2007 we decided that we wanted to change our life style and use our passion for dogs and turn it into a business, and so started to look to purchase boarding kennels.
Over the coming years we viewed a great number of Boarding Kennels right across the Country.
Having never used kennels ourselves we were very disappointed and shocked at what we saw, small kennels, dark and with no natural light, newspaper on the floor , no fenced exercised area, and most alarming, dogs that looked very unhappy and were stressed. This made us even more determined to find something that we would be happy to use for our own dogs if they had to go into kennels.
In 2010 we viewed Cavalier Lodge, it ticked all the boxes, It was a small kennels, we felt this is important as we want a personal service that we do not feel you can get with larger kennels.The owner who was selling the business had been doing everything as we would have, the dogs were very happy each time we viewed the kennels there was no barking dogs, the accommodation was and still is second to none to what we had seen on our travels and, the space was there for the dogs to have proper exercise.

However since we moved in we have made substancial investment into all areas of the business to benefit of the customer staying with us.

Our hope for the future is to build one of the top kennels/dog hotels in East Anglia or even the Country where we can build strong relationships with our customers and of course with their pets for years to come.